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Pied Piper


a) Not everyone can be a leader. Someone has to follow.

b) Working “in the weeds” is not a bad thing.


Leadership has become the latest buzzword of today’s professional world. Certainly not a new concept, there seems to be a renewed interest in leadership in general.

There is no doubt that pursuing leadership opportunities is an important and admirable endeavor. Whether it’s a student “aiming high” for future goals or an established professional seeking to take their career to the next level, the draw of leadership outcomes is an exciting avenue not many can (or perhaps should) ignore. But let’s not forget or overshadow the men and women “behind the curtain.”


Support Staff… and Proud of It!

The fact is that not everyone is cut out to be a leader. And that’s not a bad thing. Some workers actually prefer to be “in the weeds.” This doesn’t make them lazy or somehow sub-par to their high-achieving counterparts. Instead, it demonstrates that the chain of any organization is made strong by all links, regardless of rank or position.

In the movies, supporting roles are recognized and celebrated. Any “best actress” is only as good as her supporting actress. So why is administrative and auxiliary support still widely viewed as a temporary or inferior scenario that workers should break free from at the first opportunity?

I’m not suggesting leadership is not important, or that every employee shouldn’t at least be aware of (and perhaps even strive toward) some aspect of leadership and personal/professional development and advancement. But consider this: if everyone is a leader, who is there left to follow?

by Mr. Grunbau
Employment and Enterprise
Residential Life Magazine 


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