What’s Yours is Mine

There is a vacant lot on the west entrance to town that the city wants to see developed into a retail center/strip mall. The only problem is, one crotchety old curmudgeon owns a few interspersed lots there. The project couldn’t work without those lots, but he’s not budging. I think it’s time for some Old West justice.

Though the city views development of the land as a means to beautify the area whilst bringing in much needed cash flow, the surrounding property is owned by a private company, and the land won’t be used for official city business. That only means eminent domain is out as an option. So what’s left to be done?

You Don’t Belong Here

I think the task now falls on every forward-minded citizen who wants to see this city grow and prosper. We need to convince this douche that it’s time to sell. Start the old-fashioned way and have a nice chat on the front porch, over a tall, cold glass of sweet tea. If he decides to maintain his rigid stance, break that glass over his eyes!

I, for one, am not going to let anything hold back progress — least of all some little idiot who thinks he can keep things the way they were in the 30s. I’m not about to back down!

I’ll crack this old-timer’s ribs, if I have to. I’ll break a leg or two. Old Gramps will be singing a different tune then, I guarantee it! Nothing’s going to stop this project from happening. Nothing.

by Bartt Zarb
Residential Life Magazine

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