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Call Me, Call Me

Here’s the thing. I know being on call sucks. I’ve been there. And when I was there, I typically stayed close to home and occupied myself with things that could be easily interrupted at a moment’s notice.

And, yes, I only remember getting called in one time, and even then it was only for about an hour. But at least I was prepared, and at least I didn’t make everyone else be on call with me.

Eat it

Have Some Respect

So it really ticks me off when people who are supposed to be on call go to the movies, the library, or any other place where you’re supposed to shut off your electronic devices, and people can naturally expect some semblance of peace and quiet.

Were I Able Abe or even Jon Novin, now is the time where I’d devolve into a flurry of empty threats and macho chest-puffing. I’m not going to stoop to that level.

What I will do is issue a simple call for basic human respect and decency. I’m certainly not suggesting you are not entitled to fun and/or to treat yourself, friends, and family with an enjoyable night out. But there is no good reason to subject others who are seeking that same end to endure your rude behavior, simply because of your work schedule.

No one — not even doctors — is on call 24/7. Save your “fun time” for the moments when you can actually have fun, and not ruin it everyone else with your constant cell phone noises and conversations. Thanks in advance.

by Lina Saldarriaga
Residential Life Magazine


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