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Why Does My Cat Keep Me Up at Night?

Domestic cats are notoriously nocturnal animals. Most cats can be quite active when the sun goes down, both in and out of doors. There are, however, some simple methods that can be employed to ensure your cat won’t keep you up all night.

1) First, try not to feed cats late at night, no matter how much they may try to prod you to do so. This will only “tell” them that it’s okay to disturb you at all hours.

2) Next, it’s important that domestic cats have enough activity and stimulation during the day. This could be an after-dinner walk or just playing with your cat using a toy while you’re watching TV or relaxing.

3) Finally, much like children and adults, cats thrive on routine. Try to keep feedings, playtime, and other activities to a set schedule. This could help your cat adjust to your own schedule, and while it may not completely eliminate nighttime movement, it could greatly reduce the practice.

Cut Your Cat Some Slack

Whatever methods you may employ, it’s important to understand that your cat is not aware that it is causing you frustration, and that its evening activity is not meant to exact some sort of revenge against you or otherwise cause you stress. Punishing a cat by hitting the animal or other means will cause initial confusion to your pet, and will ultimately make it wary of being around you.

by Kathleen Lakeland
Residential Life Magazine


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