Collecting and Memorabilia

Take a Picture

I have all these photos tucked into the corners of a mirror in my room. My friend thought it was so funny. She asked if it was someone else’s mirror. Why would I have someone else’s mirror in my room? lol

Nope, it’s my mirror, and those are actual photos in there. She thought it was weird that I have print photos instead of all digital ones. Well, first, it’s hard to shove a cell phone or digital camera into the corner or a mirror! lol

Nothing compares

And then it’s just, idk, I like to be able to hold certain photos, and really look at them, you know? I mean, yes, you can do that on the phone, but it’s not the same.

My parents have all these albums of when we were younger, and also of when they were younger. It’s so cool.

idk, it’s weird, because I get that albums take up a lot of space, and the quality of the picture sort of fades out over time, and also that we’re able to take a whole lot more photos than they were back then, and have the photos right off.

But I still think it’s neat to have, like, the select few that someone thought were important enough to put into an album. This makes me sound like such an old bag, I know! lol I just like them, is all.


by Chelsea Abrahams
Residential Life Magazine


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