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Think Twice

I should have known better than to chime in. But as we waited for our appetizers to arrive, the casual banter seemed harmless enough.

The TV news had just shown a story about a woman — desperate for a kidney donor — had placed a ‘please help’ decal on her car, in hopes a good Samaritan might step forward. That prompted someone at the table to ask if we’d consider donating to someone in need… and that’s where my problems began.

As I listened to the chorus of kindness emphatically asserting that, of course, they wouldn’t think twice about helping, I actually considered changing my answer. But then I thought, if you can’t be honest around your friends…


Hold on to the Night

Though I am an organ donor, I would never donate any organs whilst I’m still alive — except to  family and very close friends. I’m talking “known since first grade” friends. And I’m not ashamed of this stance in the least.

Donating a kidney is a huge decision that will irreversibly change the donor’s life, and not necessarily in a good way. It’s not some random decision to make while stuck in traffic.

Let it Go

Looking back, I think most at the table that night probably hadn’t given it as much prior thought as I have, and were just casually saying ‘yes’ as they waited for the conversation to progress to the next topic.

And I’m sure any angst I caused will blow over in a day or two. Should the topic come up again, however, I won’t back down just for the sake of niceties. If serious topics are to be raised, at least from my end, serious answers will always be given.

by Pietro “Petey” von Tweety
Residential Life Magazine 


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