Politics and Society

Common Courtesy

So you don’t care what other people think about you? That’s great. But you still need to be cognizant and respectful of other people’s feelings.

I’m Walking Here

I know a dude who is constantly annoying. He’s always in your face: talking, yelling, jumping, dancing, and otherwise being a real prick-o. He says he “doesn’t care what anyone thinks.” I think he’s got to work on his interpretation.

Respect Walk

So you’re not self-conscious about eating shellfish and pork rinds in public? That’s great. But meanwhile, we’re all sitting here, plugging our noses and ready to throw up.

So you don’t mind if people stare while you jump around making an ass of yourself? Fine. But why should we have to endure the outburst? And there are countless other scenarios and examples.

The point is, being secure and confident with your personality and abilities is commendable. Being a jerk — with no regard for others — is condemnable. Know the difference.

by Danka Leebon
Residential Life Magazine


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