Simplicity Never Goes Out of Style

Just back from a vacation, I recently submitted my review of the hotel. My thoughts were generally positive, but there is something I just can’t get past.

It was a “boutique hotel,” and certainly had character. Some of the amenities, however — perhaps styled to be ‘avant garde’ — presented a real-life usability issue.

Not Our First Rodeo

Our group included seasoned, college-educated, world travelers — none of whom was immediately able to determine how to use the faucet, or get the air conditioner to work! That’s a problem.

Of course, after a few minutes, we were able to figure out both devices. But the point is that we should not have had to spend any time at all to decipher these everyday tasks!

Sacrificing function for unique style is a poor and ill-informed idea. Whether your passion is hospitality, web design, or anything in between, you should never lose sight of your guests’ comfort, and your focus should continually be on a positive, pleasantly-memorable overall experience.

by Enid Ahylhienatta
Technology Consultant
Residential Life Magazine


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