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Deal With It

Some people are crazy. I mean straight-up insane. They want to have their cake and eat it, too. And then they want to complain about the taste!

I went to this city council public forum the other night about proposed airport expansion. I was just interested to know what’s going to happen. But you should have seen the idiots that showed up to rant!

This one dirtbag went on and on (well past the speaking time limit) about how the project would (somehow) hurt his family and his livelihood. It made no sense! And the best part is that this dude moved to the neighborhood just a few years ago, which means the airport was already well-established years before he even got there! Moron.

Open Your Eyes

And this kind of thing happens all the time. People move near airports, universities, shopping malls, and other high-traffic areas, and expect things to just remain the same year after year. In some cases, people move there because of the amenities, and then get all mad when things improve! These selfish little jerks want to have the best of both worlds: keep the good things for themselves, and keep everyone else from benefiting from the very things that attracted you to the area in the first place! Psychotics!

Here’s the deal: don’t make a concerted decision to move near a place that’s probably going to expand in the near future and then complain about the progress. And if you’re really so heated about it all… move! No one is forcing you to stay where you are.

by Tuppence “Penny” Piazza
Residential Life Magazine


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