Fashion and Style

Stand Out

Looking good does not have to break the bank. This goes for men just as much as women. The trick is to focus on an outfit centerpiece.

For women this is often jewelry, but can also be an article of clothing — whether it’s a shawl, scarf, or something else. For men, it could be a snazzy tie, dress shirt, or other eye-catching piece. Then the rest of the outfit just sort of complements that stand-out element.

Less is more

Keeping Things Fresh

The other thing to keep in mind is turnover. You should be looking at your closet at least every three months and making some changes. I’m not suggesting you go on a spending spree, but instead saying you should notice the clothes that you never wear, and either get them into the rotation, or donate them. Then replace the items bit by bit — maybe one or two articles a month.

For the most part, quality still trumps quantity. Focus on three to five looks that work for you, and then purchase outfits and accessories that fit into those looks. You’ll always have something fun and fashionable to wear, and you’ll always be in style.

by Yör Valinda
Fashion & Style Editor
Residential Life Magazine


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