I Love the 80s

Decision 2020: 80’s Toys Cabinet

President Teddy Ruxpin
Vice President Rainbow Brite
Attorney General Papa Smurf
Secretary of State Care Bear*

*Sunshine or Harmony would be best suited to this role, given the need for diplomacy

Other Secretaries

Agriculture = Strawberry Shortcake
Commerce = Cabbage Patch Kids (shared role)
Defense = G.I. Joe
Education = Speak and Spell
Energy = Glo Worm
Health and Human Services = Easy Bake Oven
Homeland Security = He-Man // She-Ra (co-secretaries)
HUD = Garfield // Odie (shared role)
Interior = Barbie
Transportation = Power Wheels
Treasury = Scrooge McDuck
Veterans Affairs = Optimus Prime

Other Cabinet Positions

Chief of Staff = See n’ Say
U.N. Ambassador = My Little Pony
Small Business Administrator = Jem/Jerrica

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