Suri Says

Don’t You Want Me, Baby?

Dear Suri, I like this girl, and I’m pretty sure she likes me. We’ve been out a bunch of times and really had fun together. Lately, though, she seems like she’s trying to ignore me. It seems like this started after I told her I like her.

I have no idea what I did wrong, and I would fix it if I knew. And I didn’t just say that to sleep with her like my friends think. I really do care about her.

The problem, though, is that it’s like the interaction just completely stopped! I mean, friends communicate. They tell each other what’s happening in each others’ lives, share in the good times, and offer/accept support during times of stress or sadness.

In our case, though, we haven’t spoken for weeks now, she doesn’t respond to my messages, and when I call, she seems annoyed.

So, I’ve been leaving her alone. But I hope I won’t have to do that forever. — Alton L.


Dear Alton, Kudos to you for expressing your feelings! You must feel like a weight has been removed from your shoulders.

In many cases, however, doing so also forces others to assess their own sentiments. This process is unique to each of us, and the time it takes to realize a decision varies greatly. In some cases, a decision is never reached.

From what you have described, however, it appears the ‘hard part’ is over with. It may be wise, then, to remain patient for now, and allow your friend to evaluate her own emotions on the subject.

In the meantime, take care not be become discouraged and, instead, carry on with your current approach. I believe a resolution to the matter is closer than you think. ~ Suri

Suri Says™
by Suri Syrtauwnya
Advice Editor
Residential Life Magazine


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