Feedback Friday

Feedback Friday

Clean Up

To the douche who keeps leaving his toilet paper “lining” on the seat:

I get that you’re a germophobe, but maybe other people don’t want to have to touch the paper that just recently held your ass. At least flush it down when you leave. Douche.


Pay Attention

FYI: the cop car in the construction zone is just there to make people slow down so they don’t kill the guys working on the road. You only have to slow down. You don’t have to slam on your brakes and make every person behind you do the same, and hope they don’t get into some goddam accident on the way to work.

And if you were paying attention instead of talking on your phone, you might have actually seen the lights a mile away, like the rest of us!


Friendly Hello

Guy, we’re co-workers, the least you can do when I smile and say ‘good morning’ every day is give me a simple smile back, or a wave, or even a ‘fuck you.’ At least acknowledge my existence. Dick.


Disputes Poor Grade

You gave me a ‘D’ on the report even though you know it was written better than prolly 90% of the other papers! Just ‘cause you don’t like the content, doesn’t mean you can punish me. I did everything the assignment said, wrote complete sentences, met the page requirement and everything! You just have some personal vendetta against me, for some reason.


Keep It Efficient

Next time, tell me when it’s going to be more than the amount of money I have in my hand. You saw me counting out dollar bills. I had four in my hand. Did you think I had more stashed someplace else?

And what is this $3.95 shit anyway? Just say it’s gonna be $4.25 in the end and be done with it. Now I have to search for change in my car and go to the back of the line. I’m sick of this!


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