Rants n' Raves


Dude just escaped from the county jail. He was on the run for about three weeks until they finally caught him. More charges now, of course. Too bad.

I’m no criminal lover, but I was glad he made it out. Put some nice, runny egg all over the faces of the arrogant prison officials, the mayor, and that fat-assed sheriff of ours.

Thing is, this guy didn’t commit any other crimes in the time he was out. Would he have done so if they never caught him? Maybe. But this dude was trying to make something of himself. Went straight to the factory where he used to work and tried to get a job there. Was even going to get hired back, too! Now the boss there is under investigation, which is just horseshit if you ask me.

Escaped Prisoners
Two convicted killers escaped a New York prison in 2016. One was later killed, the other brought back to prison

Turn Around, Look at Me

And of course nothing is being done to the dumb-ass LEOs who let it happen in the first place. No way. They’re just cracking down on the inmates, and hoping the general public doesn’t realize what lazy pricks they are.

I don’t even remember what this guy was in for. Stealing or something. It wasn’t murder, I know that. And again, I’m not saying his crimes should just be ignored altogether, or that he shouldn’t at least get a little something for breaking out. I mean, he had to know it was wrong.

But if he’s going to get in trouble, so should the officers. They need to get some jail time, or at the very least lose their jobs.


Basically, criminals are going to do what they need to do to get a little freedom. If that means breaking out of the place, so be it. Spend a few weeks in the sewer if you have to. Do what you can to get ahead.

And as long as these fat slob LEOs don’t have to get the skills and training they should to do the job, I think it’s great if people break out. I hope more people do it! I hope they don’t get caught next time! I would love it!

Rants n’ Raves with Jon Novin
Residential Life Magazine 


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