Feedback Friday

Feedback Friday

Needs Specifics

Stop saying “I’ll be back” when you’re only going to be gone for a few minutes. Say “I’ll be back in a few minutes,” or don’t say anything at all; just go do your goddam errands or whatever you have to do. You wouldn’t say “I’ll never be back,” would you?! Just stop it.


Traffic Laws

When you come to a four-way stop, WATCH. It’s not that complicated. And don’t wave me on like you’re doing me a favor. I’m not the one who got there five minutes ago and is waiting for everyone else, for some reason. Watch when you approach a four-way stop!


Missing Details

Thanks for not putting directions on the packet. Thanks for just assuming I’ll know exactly what to do. Maybe you printed them on the box and somehow I’m the jackass in this. Yeah, ‘cause I usually bring a whole goddam box of stuff to work. Now there’s a 60% percent chance my lunch will be ruined. Jerks.


Stickler for Grammar Rules

Putting numbers in words stops them from being words. It’s not ‘single’ if you spell it ‘S1ngle.” It’s not ‘three-peat’ (which is not even a word to begin with) if you spell it ‘thr33-peat.’ Please stop doing this.


Buyer Beware

We’re not gonna buy your house, regardless of what you call only “minor” repairs. All that “inexpensive” stuff can add up to some real money. It’s like saying “Sure, the car is 20 years old, but with a new engine and drive train, it’ll be good as new!” Doesn’t make any sense.


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