Rants n' Raves

Hand Out

I couldn’t believe this restaurant listed an “automatic 18% gratuity” to the meal! Who in hell do they think they are?!

Tips should be dependent on service. Plain and simple. Not the amount of food that’s ordered. Not the amount of people in the party. Not the distance you had to travel to make the delivery, or any other lame mandate.

I’ll admit there was one time I didn’t leave any tip. The guy was just as rude as he could be, several people who came in after us were served before us, and the entire meal — which should have taken an hour, tops — took three hours! Ridiculous!

Further, it’s not my fault that your employer pays you peanuts. I shouldn’t have to be expected to pick up the slack. I’m not your boss, I’m a paying customer! Treat me with some goddam respect.

I’m starting to get heated here, so let me close by saying that a tip is a monetary version of a pat on the back — a tangible “job well done.” Tips shouldn’t be taken for granted, and they sure as hell should not be automatic!

I’ll never go back to that hole. I hope they fail.

by Willa Shaykhs
Rants n’ Raves with Jon Novin
Residential Life Magazine


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