Suri Says

Give Her the Cold Shoulder?

Dear Suri, I am still enamored with a young lady with whom I’ve been on several romantic outings. Suddenly, however, she has been behaving in a most aloof fashion.

Acting on advice from friends (and several Internet sites), I made the decision to give her ‘the cold shoulder’ for a pre-determined amount of time. The plan was to really ‘teach her a lesson’ on how unacceptable her recent behavior has been.

But instead of ‘seeing the light,’ she has opted to immediately cease our interactions. I am hurt and confused, and am not sure what my next steps in the matter should be. — Heartbroken in Hoboken


Dear Heartbroken, Communication remains the key to any successful relationship – be it friendly, professional, or romantic connection.

It’s wise to approach your female friend with a sincere apology and explanation of your perhaps misguided actions. Whether she accepts this concession and provides ‘next steps’ will, of course, be entirely up to her.

Emotions are a confusing and delicate matter, to be sure. However, purposely behaving in a rude and abrasive manner rarely leads to a positive outcome to any interpersonal communication. Best of luck to you! ~Suri

Suri Says™
by Suri Syrtauwnya
Advice Editor
Residential Life Magazine


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