Rants n' Raves


I’ve been waiting so long to see a Google street view vehicle. It’s become a dream of mine. When I finally get to see one, I’ll immediately disable it and vandalize the hell out of it for trespassing and invasion of privacy.


Big Brother

Who made Google the NSA? What gives them the right to photograph private property and then post it online without consent? I’m ready to take this to a lawyer. If I could make it to Google HQ, I’d take it right upside the head of everyone I encounter. I’d break everything in sight! I’ll shove someone out a second-story window if I have to! That’s how pissed I am about this!

Fighting Back

A like-minded friend put up a bunch of signs on his property and even re-arranged the landscaping so it basically tells Google where to shove it. His plants spell out “F– You, Google!” so that even if they blur out the signs, they’d have to blur out the whole yard. He’s got a few of his neighbors signed on to the plan, too! They want to be the only place on earth that Google hasn’t made their selfish mark. I say good luck to them! I am a huge supporter!

It’s time average citizens start to take their power back from the powers that be. It’s time residents of communities across the nation finally say “enough is enough” and put their feet down once and for all. Take the necessary steps to shut down the Google anti-privacy machine. Do what you have to do.

by Bartt Zarb
Residential Life Magazine

Rants n’ Raves with Jon Novin
Residential Life Magazine


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