Health and Wellness

Two by Four

Like many people, I hate cardio. I won’t even try to shy away from that fact. It is, however, an integral aspect of any fitness routine, and absolutely essential to losing the pounds, and maintaining a healthy weight.


Pushing It

Some years ago, to help me get through workouts, I would come up little phrases that would make me laugh and put a bit of fun into exercise. Or so I thought at the time. I started to give myself little ‘pep talks’ while running on the treadmill, saying things like:

  • “Come on, fatty! Let’s move it!”
  • “You don’t like this, but you didn’t seem to have a problem eating that ice cream last night!”
  • “Chunky loves his pizza, and now Chunky has to pay the piper!”
  • and so on

Initially, the plan seemed to be working. I would briefly chuckle, and then continue my routine. Eventually, the self-jabs even started to work as a sort of motivation; I was pushing myself to prove myself wrong.

In the end, however, I had to leave the putdowns behind. Little by little, there was less “coming on” and more gorging on ice cream and pizza, with no remorse whatsoever. When you only have to answer to yourself, you can let yourself down rather easily.

Practice What You Preach

Recently, I resumed these ‘pep talks’ during exercise, but now instead of berating myself for past indiscretions, I offer words of encouragement and congratulations for making a conscious effort toward long-term health. So, my previous jabs have now turned into positive affirmations:

  • “Yeah! Down one pound, here’s to another!”
  • “Despite a long day at work, you’re still out here exercising. Good job!”
  • See it, man! It’s happening!”
  • and so on
Don’t focus only on weight

Keep It Positive

If your friend came to your house and said “Wow, you’ve gotten a lot fatter since I saw you last,” or “Damn, girl, way to let yourself go!,” you would likely slam the door in their face (and maybe even cross them off your friends list). So why accept this kind of criticism from yourself?

You’ve already made the first step toward life-long wellness. Don’t let your own personal attacks prevent you from finally reaching the goals you know you can achieve!

by Raul Lisneski
Health & Fitness Editor
Residential Life Magazine


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