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Fair Weather Friends?

Dear Suri, I finally got a job after being out of work for almost a year, and now people are coming out of the woodwork wanting to take me out for drinks and celebrate. Where the hell were they when I was down and out?!

I’m not trying to be a whiner here, but I faced some pretty scary days, Suri. A couple months, I was close to getting evicted, and I skipped meals most weeks. I’m not looking for sympathy, I’m just saying.

So it’s a little hard to accept all this attention as genuine. I’ve a mind to tell everyone to shove it up their ass! — (Anonymous)


Dear Anonymous, Congratulations on your new job. May it be the perfect fit, and help bring you much happiness.

Humans, as you know, are terribly complicated creatures. There are times when a well-meaning friend feels they are unable to offer any real assistance, or perhaps they are in a similar situation – dealing with shortcomings and frustrations of their own.

This is by no means an excuse for those who may have, indeed, written you off in your time of need. Perhaps, with your new perspective, this is an opportunity to re-evaluate your current relationships, and also create renewed bonds with others.

It is wise, however, to take care not to make rash decisions, or take severe actions you’ll regret later on. ~ Suri


Suri Says™
by Suri Syrtauwnya
Advice Editor
Residential Life Magazine


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