Suri Says

Put Your Dukes Up

Dear Suri, I love to fight. It sustains me. I wake up in the morning pissed, and I go to bed full of anger and hatred. Oh, I have full control over my outward emotions. I won’t make an issue unless someone else does. But then I always take it overboard. It’s rarely physically violent, but I would tongue-lash you like no one’s business. I’ll say stuff that’ll make you cry.

Now, everyone keeps their distance from me. I’d love to be closer to people, but I also love to fight. I’m not going to give that up. I’ll start arguments with people I don’t even know!

And don’t bother with your psycho-babble horseshit. This isn’t about fear, frustration, depression, hurt, trauma, upheaval, or any of the crap. No one I know has died, I haven’t had a breakup, or jost a job, or anything like that. I don’t need anger management.

I’m actually a pretty happy guy. I still like to go to the movies, hang out with friends (those who haven’t disowned me yet), and all that stuff. I’m just not going to be disrespected, is all. I’m not going to sit idly by and let someone walk all over me. That’s never going to happen. — Furious in Fairfield


Dear Furious, “Loving” anger and outward offense presents an opportunity for self-reflection and improvement.

Often, when we look introspectively into scenarios affecting our lives  really focusing on an objective, “full picture” approach  we are able to determine the root causes of concern, and any undesirable behavior that stems from it.

It may be beneficial, then, to investigate and evaluate current conditions, and find solutions that will promote and enhance harmonious relationships with the people you encounter on a daily basis. Good luck! ~ Suri


Suri Says™
by Suri Syrtauwnya
Advice Editor
Residential Life Magazine


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