Health and Wellness

Bulk Shopping Saves Calories

These days, it’s rare that I visit the grocery store more than once per week. There’s the time factor, to be sure. The cost savings associated with limited grocery shopping are also real. But I’ve found that infrequent shopping trips also have a health benefit.

When I stick to my list and don’t pick up junk items, it’s easy to stay on track. Simply stated, if the junk food’s not in the house, I can’t eat it!

Yes, I could easily get back in the car and visit the plethora of corner convenience stores, but the Walmart loyalist in me won’t allow willful acceptance of massive price markups.

What About Perishables?

I’ll admit that produce doesn’t do well when it sits around for a whole week. To combat rot, I instead buy fruits and veggies at the mid-week Farmer’s Market downtown. I can support local farmers and keep my waistline in check at the same time!

Sure, there are other downsides, too. But once-weekly grocery shopping has thus far contributed to my maintaining a healthier lifestyle, by preventing temptation to give into old cravings. ■

by Raul Lisneski
Health and Wellness Editor
Residential Life Magazine

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