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Party Confusion Causes Friendship Rift

Dear Suri, I’m still trying to dig out of this totally ridiculous drama that started last weekend. I was invited to an evening birthday party. It was supposed to start at 7:00 p.m. I showed up at 6:15, and they got all pissy. Then, to make matters worse, they ended up kicking me out at 11:30!

Now I’m wondering if I should just write them off? I mean, who are they to get all mad at me?! They invited me to a party, I like to party, what’s the big deal? I’m so sick of this drama! — PartyAnimal420


Dear Party Animal, Even casual get-togethers often entail a great deal of planning. In many cases, attending to last-minute details and preparations is required. For this reason, it is important to be aware of (and respectful to) any parameters specifically mentioned or listed in an invitation – whether it be start and end times, items to bring, or other specific requests.

In a world of relaxed social customs, it can often be difficult to observe when one has overstepped one’s bounds, or worn out one’s welcome. Taking care to be cognizant of these social norms is essential. When a transgression – real or perceived – has been made, it is important to take the necessary steps to make amends.

You may wish to reach out to your hosts. This could present an opportunity for you to explain your concern and confusion to their reaction, but more importantly to better understand the reasoning behind their reaction. It would be a shame to end a friendship over a simple misunderstanding. ~ Suri


Suri Says™
by Suri Syrtauwnya
Advice Editor
Residential Life Magazine


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