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Shortly before I hit “rock bottom,” I was visiting restaurants and selecting fat-laden and generally unhealthy choices for nearly every meal. One place in particular knew me by name (and order!), and came to expect me at least three or four times each week.

Welcome Home

I would typically get take-out, and the wait staff were always kind enough to give multiple cutlery packs (spoons, forks, knives), even though we were both fully aware that I would be the only one eating that day.

Embarrassed at my pig-out sessions, I even took to saying ‘we’ (as in, “We’d like to have the cheesecake”), to mask my personal frustration at my lack of willpower and self-control.

While this game, admittedly, allowed me to keep at least some of my dignity from day to day, it also let me ignore the bigger problem. It wasn’t until I had ordered enough food for four people — but only one dessert — that I began to notice what was really going on.

Jig is Up

A waitress asked “only one?” I’m sure she meant no disrespect, but it was clear at that point that the the truth had to come out. One dessert for one person. And while I’m sure the other patrons didn’t even notice, I was mortified. That’s when I finally began to take steps toward a long-term healthy lifestyle.

Everyone follows their own path, and must reach their own ‘turning point.’ But the sooner we can stop fooling ourselves, or trying to play some senseless game of subterfuge, the better. That’s when the true healing and change can begin.

by Raul Lisneski
Health & Fitness
Residential Life Magazine


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