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Bundle of Joy

What happens when the President gets pregnant? In New Zealand, she shares the news online, and gets a wave of well-wishes from leaders across the globe.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and her partner are expecting a child in June. Ardern plans to take a six-week maternity leave.

Praise and Shame

Responding to criticism, Ardern said she plans to be “fully contactable and available throughout the period.” But while revealing that the pregnancy came as a surprise (she found out just six days before her election), she says any consternation about the issue must stop immediately.

On her first day as opposition leader, following a question about whether woman should choose baby or career, Ardern remarked:

“It is a woman’s decision about when they choose to have children, and it should not predetermine whether or not they are given a job, or have job opportunities.”


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by Danny Inc  
News Editor
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