RLM Shorts

Be Here Now


From The Time Machine, to The Butterfly Effect and many more, there are any number of movies about the possibility of going back in time. But they all focus on what “bad” things people would change to ensure a brighter future.

Despite how it may seem at the time, good things can and do come from unfortunate events. Had I not lost my job back in 2008, I wouldn’t be writing this article right now, and I’d have missed out on what’s become a truly rewarding career. Had I not tragically lost my spouse decades ago, I wouldn’t be celebrating a 10-year anniversary with my second wife next weekend.

Of course, given the opportunity, most people wouldn’t elect to endure hard times. But trudging through trying times shapes us into who we are. Reflect on the past, look to the future, but live in the present.

by John Eckherd
Residential Life Magazine


RLM Shorts
True Tales, Short Stories, and Tangled Yarns
compiled by Tobias Martone III
Residential Life Magazine


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