Feedback Friday

Old Moms, Therapy Pets, and Deviant Doctors: Feedback Friday

Life Without Parole

What’s the point of continued sentencing sessions for that perv doctor Larry Nassar? I get that everybody wants to have their say, and they should. The guy’s a monster.

But all these hearings are only delaying locking this douche away for life. He’s already been sentenced to more than 235 years! Even with appeals, he’s guaranteed to die in there. As is richly deserved.

I just think the justice system is so stupid sometimes. Give the guy life without parole and be done with it.


Think Twice

Senator Tammy Duckworth recently announced that she’s having a second baby just after her 50th birthday. Everyone’s applauding her decision, but no one’s thinking of the child.

She’ll be 60 when the kid’s 10. When the girl graduates from college, Duckworth will be 71.

Then there’s the fact that she’s done everything possible (except, of course, adoption) to have another kid. Did she ever think that maybe nature’s trying to tell her that she’s a bit old for motherhood?

I know many “mothers of an advanced maternal age,” but this is pushing it. Most disturbing of all is her combative speech and stance. She acts like she’s doing some amazing thing for the good of mankind. News flash: anyone can have a kid. Did she never go to health class?!


Full Support

Why shouldn’t that lady be able to bring a peacock on board the plane? Even though she was doing it as a stunt, they have no right to even question whether it’s a support animal. I thought that was against the law?!

Anyway, I see so many people bring their yappy dogs everywhere, including the grocery store. These are not service or even therapy dogs. So why not? What’s the point of letting some people bend the rules and not others?


Feedback Friday
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