Feedback Friday

Work Breaks, DINKs, and Wiki Love: Feedback Friday

Don’t Believe the Hype

Wikipedia gets a bad rap. It’s not B.S. People in the know are contributing. It’s also sourced.

Half the junk people read online is UGC (user-generated content), anyway. People will read and believe anything they read on Facebook, and you have no idea who’s writing that!

As with anything, Wiki should be one resource of many. Schools and organizations shouldn’t outright ban the site.


Inch Meet Yard

I swear I’m gonna kill this guy. He says the 15-minute breaks aren’t “really” 15 minutes, since he has to factor in walking to and from the work site. He wants two minutes “pad” on each side. I’ll pad his face with a shovel!

If I start giving the guys 19 minutes, next they’re gonna want 25, and pretty soon the whole day is shot. I’m so sick of this bullshit.


Taking Offense

Contrary to what some believe, having kids is a choice. We choose not to have kids. And someone said that makes us “dinks” (double income no kids).

Everyone makes their own decisions. That doesn’t give anyone the right to criticize others. Just because you’re married, doesn’t mean having kids is a command performance. If that makes us dinks, then we are proud dinks!


Feedback Friday
Anonymous thoughts and viewpoints on weekly happenings from readers of Residential Life Magazine

*the views expressed herein don’t necessarily reflect the sentiments of Residential Life Magazine and its publisher.


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