Feedback Friday

Jackpots, Crackpots, and Holy Hot Dogs: Feedback Friday

Tit for Tat

It never ends! Now that Delta ended its discount program for NRA members, the state of Georgia has voted to remove a fuel tax savings. What those Southern pricks don’t realize is that Delta is just gonna pass on the difference to consumers. Everybody loses! Bunch of goddam children.


Pay It Forward

I understand that you’re getting takeout, but you have to realize that someone still has to take time to get your food, pack it, and be there to ring you up when you arrive. So many people think it’s a great way to avoid a tip, but while I’m filling your to-go order, I’m not getting any other tables. Not a complaint, I’m just saying. Tip your takeout server. They’ll really appreciate it!


Taxpayer’s Dime

I noticed a friend’s neighbor is a cop from the next county. Way to dick the taxpayers! They’re paying for the gas to go to and from, increased car maintenance, etc. Police who choose to live outside their jurisdiction should use their own car to get to work, pay the difference, or just live closer. Taxpayer’s aren’t your ATM.


Protect Yourself

I only play the “small” lottery jackpots. I’m talking less than a million. The potential payout’s still great, and people don’t tend to care as much about the “little” ones. Less media attention means less risk of getting robbed or killed. I’d never want my friends and neighbors to know about any sort of winnings.


High Horse

I walked out of this lunch place when I saw they had “God is good” painted across the counter. I do believe in God, but I also believe that it’s a very personal connection. You don’t need to be in your face with your beliefs, and especially not at a food place. There’s just no need for it. People would find it odd if a business advertised other ideals. Leave religion out of it and focus on serving up fast food.


Feedback Friday
Anonymous thoughts and viewpoints on weekly happenings from readers of Residential Life Magazine

*the views expressed herein don’t necessarily reflect the sentiments of Residential Life Magazine and its publisher.


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