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My Experience with the Mysterious Package Company

Recently, I was given the gift of a lifetime: a unique ‘experience’ from the Mysterious Package Company. Shamelessly lifting straight from the website, the company’s goal is to create “remarkable deliveries which intrigue, befuddle, and delight.” They hit that nail on the head, and then some!

Confusion Sets In

At times I was intrigued, upset, and downright scared. But it was all completely worth it in the end. Through staggered deliveries, I received letters, artifacts (including a coin, small statue, and ring), old photos, copies of historical newspaper articles, and more.

Aside from a few raised eyebrows (one package was a large box), my family members didn’t seem fazed by the mysterious deliveries. The outside of the packages are also run-of-the-mill, in case you’re worried that people (mailman, neighbors) will get the impression you’re involved in something shady. The whole process — from the first letter to the grand reveal — took about seven weeks.

Mum’s the Word

One thing I found interesting is that the sender is largely kept in the dark, as well. Of course, they select the storyline/package they think will most match the recipient’s interest and taste. But after that, they don’t get any heads up. My sender was not told when packages would arrive, or even what was in them! I had to send pics of the haul after the fact.

Luckily, my sender also never let on about the gift. If you’re giving, it’s important to resist the urge to ask if your recipient has received any suspicious packages, or otherwise suggest that it’s all part of a larger program.

If you’re the recipient, don’t put people on the spot or play detective trying to find out who’s behind the packages. They’ve given a gift, and you’ll wreck the entire experience if you force people to speak up.

Enjoy the Ride

Speaking of which, my intention in this post is not to ruin the fun or surprise for anyone. That’s why I’ve purposely left out images and telling details about the letters and artifacts you’ll receive. In fact, when I went online to discover more information, I couldn’t find any! The investigative reporter in me was perplexed. It seems this is the best kept secret out there.

My only advice is to try and put your fears aside and just enjoy the journey that the story provides. It will all come together in the end. And if you’re thinking of purchasing this or a similar experience, it makes a great gift for anyone who wants (or needs to) step out of their comfort zone. I highly recommend.

by Peregrine White
Residential Life Magazine


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