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Today’s shopper wants the most for their money. Many times, it’s tempting to get the brand name over the generic one simply because of name recognition. You know that you’ll have to pay a little more, but it’s better to be sure you’re going to like it, right?

While that’s a valid argument, the fact is that a lot of generic brands are made by the same big names we know and love. Keep this list handy for your next shopping trip:

Generic Brands Made by Name Brands

  • Colgate makes Ultrabrite toothpaste
  • Cool Whip makes Walmart (Great Value) whipped cream
  • Kraft makes Kroger store-brand sliced cheese
  • Stacy’s (a division of Frito-Lay) makes Trader Joe’s pita chips
  • Walmart (Great Value) bread is made in the same bakery as Sara Lee products

And this is just a small sampling of the many generic products made by brand names.

In addition, since there are no name-brand cows, most of the milk in the grocery store comes from the same cows (and therefore tastes exactly the same), regardless of what company is printed on the label. Same with flour, sugar, oatmeal, bottled water… all your staples, really.

Costco Brands Made by Name Brands

So many big brands contribute to Costco-branded products that it warrants a separate section:

  • Bumble Bee makes Kirkland Signature (KS) canned tuna
  • Diamond Pet Foods makes KS pet food
  • Duracell makes KS batteries
  • Huggies makes KS diapers
  • Pureology makes KS shampoo
  • Starbucks makes KS coffee
  • many KS liquors are also made in the same factories as their name-brand counterparts (Jim Beam bourbon, Grey Goose vodka, Macallan 18 Scotch)

How to Find Out Who Makes a Product


If you want to know what company makes a product, the easiest way is to just look at the packaging. If you’re so inclined, you can even check them out online.

If you’re really bent on the info but can’t seem to get it using these routes, why not reach out to the company by phone or online? Most places are upfront and have nothing to hide about their generic brands. They simply provide a cheaper alternative. You save money, they make money, everybody has a great day!

Happy Shopping!,

Be a Smart Shopper
by Abraham “Able Abe” Aenstograafik
Shopping Sage
Residential Life Magazine


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