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4 IT Solutions Tools That Help Your Small Business Thrive

The fact that you have a successful small business demonstrates you have a firm grasp on your specialty. Through their repeat business, customers affirm the company’s qualities and service.

Still, nobody can get great at everything. Sometimes, it’s wise to handle what comes naturally and outsource other tasks. One of these is information technology (IT).

Technology and business go together. To truly thrive in today’s business environment, you must offer both employees and customers innovative and efficient IT solutions. Here are four tools and services essential to small business success:

1) Desktop Support and Managed Services

Computers have become an essential tool of business. For some employees, effectively performing at their jobs is impossible without a properly functioning machine — including easy access to applications and a strong Internet connection. There are times, however, when computers break down, are infected with viruses, and have other problems that can be difficult to fix on your own.

A dedicated and knowledgeable IT team member can help you with all your computer needs (both PC and Mac), including support, maintenance, repair and upgrades, virus detection and removal, overall performance improvement, and more.

As you focus on building your business, communication complications will invariably arise. One of the most important IT solutions is managed services. This covers remote support, where technicians can troubleshoot and resolve problems without ever having to step into your office — saving you time and resources.

Especially in small business, keeping thorough records is essential. Data backup and recovery (as well as disaster recovery planning) helps ensure you won’t lose valuable information.

2) Cloud Computing

You’ve heard a lot about “the cloud” and might wonder how it can benefit your small business. Along with a wealth of online applications (from time tracking to remote employee management), cloud computing also includes basics such as Microsoft Office 365, Google Docs, Salesforce, and file sharing programs like Dropbox and Sharepoint.

Business benefits of cloud computing include scalability (programs and tools grow with your company), improved collaboration, automatic updates, and more.

3) Networking

Most computer networks are a combination of hardware and software. Effective networking allows devices to “communicate” with each other — sharing business information and other data.

Though many people use recreational technology (smartphones, online apps), as a small business owner you must keep in mind “back-end” processes such as server functions, firewall, virtual private networks (VPN), SPAM detection and removal, and analytics.

A qualified computer technician can help you determine the best IT solutions for your small business regarding networking and other tools, so you can keep your focus on business growth.

4) Consistent IT Innovation

Not everyone is skilled or interested in the details surrounding IT. But as a small business owner, you realize that such details are integral to the success of your company’s vision. That’s why it’s helpful to reach out to a trusted and respected IT team.

by Lina Saldarriaga
Residential Life Magazine 



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