Feedback Friday

School Shootings, Undocumented Workers, and Last Meals: Feedback Friday

Wants School Violence Action

Thank you for your story on school shootings. While I don’t agree with everything the author wrote, I appreciate the article. I’ve long said that nothing boosts gun sales like a mass shooting and fear of gun control. We get so focused on the debate that we overlook what’s happening with troubled youths.


In the Shadows

Yet another news story about how “hard” it is to be an illegal immigrant. You live a life in fear? Constantly living in the shadows? Good! You’re breaking the law.

And all those bleeding hearts who argue that they’ve “lived here peacefully for decades.” Okay, then I shouldn’t have gotten that speeding ticket last week. Yes, I was speeding, but it was my first in about eight years. Don’t I deserve a break for good behavior?

The answer is no. I don’t. I broke the law, and I paid the price. But I guess illegals get to play by different rules.


Just Another Day

We need to end the “last meal” luxury for death row inmates. The victims didn’t get to plan a last meal and those left behind suffer over every meal they eat without their loved one. Sorry not sorry, but if you killed someone and got on death row, you don’t get shit anymore. You showed no compassion, so no compassion should ever be shown to you.


Word of Warning

This is just a heads up for everyone (especially women) interviewing for jobs to always have an audio recorder with you. I was asked if I’ve ever been in porn and if it offends me. I was offended by the actual question! But when I tried to call the guy on it, it was his word against mine. The company basically said they thought I was making things up because I didn’t get the job. Just another reason to always be protected against pervs, ladies!


Feedback Friday
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