Feedback Friday

School Shootings and Easter Lessons: Feedback Friday

Guns Don’t Kill People…

Your guns story was way off base. Nice sensationalism/editorializing. There’s a common (hypothetical) scenario that says if one kid hits another kid with a stick, you don’t punish the stick, but you do take it away. The stick didn’t do anything wrong.

Do you then ban all sticks? Do you rope off trees for fear a stick might fall and some punk kid gets a hold one and tries to start something. Absurd!

The point is, anything can be used as a weapon. You don’t hear about the need for pencil control but a pencil to the throat could do a lot of damage. I agree that we need to have an educated debate on the current climate of the country. But everyone needs to leave personal agendas at the door.


Keep to Yourself

All these school shooting people talking about how they’d “run in” and try to stop a shooter. Not so fast.

A guy in my high school got stabbed to death when he tried to break up a fight at a party. Now he’s gone. He should have just called the cops and let them deal with it.

I’m just saying that there are big consequences for our actions. We have to think long and hard before making any rash decisions.


Pot Meet Kettle

What Laura Ingraham did was despicable, but it’s not like advertisers are pulling away from her show due to some sort of moral high ground. They just don’t want people to stop buying their stuff. In that sense, they’re no better off than she is. Everyone’s only trying to save their own bottom line.


Not in the Holiday Spirit

If lawmakers here get their way, this will be the last year we get to do the Easter egg hunt. People say it’s unfair. Yeah, well life is unfair. This sets kids up for the hard facts of the future. If some other kid isn’t fast enough to get an egg, too bad. He’ll learn to get faster, or learn to live without any eggs!


Mad About Google

I love a good Google Doodle as much as the next guy, but when they do one every day, it completely ruins the appeal. People get used to it and don’t even look at it anymore. I especially hate those “so and so’s 300th birthday” ones. Who gives two shits?! Let’s get back to the fun doodles.


Feedback Friday
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