Catch Me if You Can

On the drive home today, I saw some lady throw a bottle and several wrappers out of her car window. She didn’t even care! Why should she?



Technically, littering is illegal — it carries a fine and possible jail time — but who is going to catch her? I’m sure as heck not going to try to make a citizen’s arrest. Not with people so on edge these days. She might shoot me on the spot!

Unless there’s a cop right next to you when you litter, there’s no way to nail these deadbeats. And even deadbeats are smart enough not to do something right in front of a cop!

Even if a cop does see it, they probably won’t do anything about it. It’s tough to prove, first of all, and who’s to say you won’t pull a weapon? People today are crazy! These days, if an officer actually makes it home to his family, it’s a feat.

Meanwhile, the roads are strewn with litter. This “law” is a joke.

by Tuppence “Penny” Piazza
Residential Life Magazine



Today at lunch, someone asked if we had to choose, would we choose extreme heat or extreme cold? I mean, ideally, we’d have neither, but I said I would choose extreme cold. Think about it, you can always put on more layers, but once you get, um… you know, you can’t take any more clothes off! 😮

I get that heating bills would be high. Whatever. Some kid said that, and I get it, but I think he just wanted to start an argument, and I was not about to do that today. I mean, this was just for fun! He wanted to make a scene or something. Lame.

So, yeah, I get that stuff. No one ever said that either scenario would be ideal. As long as there wasn’t snow along with the cold, I think it would be better cold. Plus, there are some really cute winter outfits out there. Summer stuff is fun, too, but then you get pervs on your case all the time. So, yeah. Cold is def. the way to go! :-p


by Chelsea Abrahams 
Residential Life Magazine

Take it to the Curb

Some people are just jackasses. They don’t ‘get’ how to recycle. I see so much stuff in my neighbors’ recycling bins that I know the dude is just going to leave behind. It’s unbelievable. People try to recycle Styrofoam, shoes, even toilet seats! They have no clue.

Here’s the thing. In my neighborhood, people will just leave behind stuff that doesn’t recycle. But most other places aren’t like that. I mean, you might be able to “pull a fast one” and get them to physically take the object, but once they sort through the stuff at the facility, it’ll just get thrown in the trash, anyway. Total exercise in futility.

If You Build It

The problem is that if you put too many rules or parameters onto anything that’s voluntary, people are just doing to stop doing it. As much as I hate to see the landfills grow, without any recycling, they’ll grow exponentially. So I can understand the argument for not putting too many regulations on voluntary recycling. But on the other side of the coin, if recycling centers become just glorified trash management facilities, local governments will just shut down all the recycling plants.

So that means it’s up to every average citizen to smarten up, start taking recycling seriously, and think before you just toss something into the bin. Come on, peoples. Get it together.

by Taukswrait Nao
Residential Life Magazine

Mailing It In

Here we go again. Another election year, another million trees killed. And for what? Has anyone’s political mindset been changed solely because of a glossy mailer? If so, I’d like to hear your story.

What a Waste

The king of junk mail

I’m not usually one for generalizations, but in this case I think it’s safe to say that most people already have their minds made up by the time this propaganda hits mailboxes. Those that are still “on the fence” likely would (and should!) inform themselves — through candidate interviews and debates, news reports, and personal research — and then make an educated decision on which candidates(s) to support, based on accurate facts and figures.

I Like Ike

I realize this is a “best case scenario,” and that we don’t live in the perfect world where best case scenarios often rear their ideal heads. Still, even an uninformed and apathetic voter (assuming they actually get themselves to the polls) typically makes their choice based on suggestion from friends or family.

More jaded citizens might make a last-minute choice by whose tie they like best, and in that regard, I suppose the glossy mailer concept begins to take shape.

Personally, I will continue to drop these mailers directly into the recycling bin without so much as a first glance, as I ponder how many trees had to die to construct a message that hardly anyone sees.

by Mayelynne Uspo   
Residential Life Magazine

Reuse, Reduce… Relax!

The other day at work, as I went to put the box to my microwave dinner in the recycle bin, some guy started on this whole big tirade about how it’s not recyclable. He even had an article with him (kind of weird that he carries it around) talking about all the stuff that doesn’t actually recycle.

I get that you can’t put Styrofoam in there, but I’m pretty sure the box can be recycled. He says it can’t because of the wax they put on it. Since I haven’t done any research (I will now!), I can’t argue whether it’s true or not.

But his article was ridiculous. It said you can’t recycle some pretty basic stuff. Magazines, some newspapers, and even some glass! I got the feeling, though, that this may have been specific to his hometown. Maybe they just don’t have the resources to handle everything.

Make an Effort

Even a kid can do it!

The point is that not everyone recycles, but those who do are usually very dedicated about it. My sister even brings home soda cans/bottles from people at work, so she can put them in her recycling bin at the end of the week!

I don’t think the ‘die-hard’ recyclers are going to be phased too much about a list of ‘dos and don’ts,’ but for the people who are just getting into recycling, or already have a bad attitude toward it, I’m concerned that poorly-researched articles can turn them off from recycling for good!

Just Do It

The benefits of recycling go far beyond simply the items themselves. I actually beefed up my efforts when someone told me that the city often hires homeless people and long-term unemployed folks to help sift through the materials. So it’s creating jobs! So what if they have to throw some things away? The workers are able to make money and feel good about themselves for holding down a job, while doing something positive for the planet.

I think this guy is just a blowhard, anyway. He completely accosted me with this unsolicited ‘advice’ that is almost surely inaccurate. Recycling is still a noble thing to do. It protects the environment and saves companies thousands of dollars each year. That’s a fact. So let’s keep the conspiracy theories and made-up ‘data’ where it belongs… in the trash recycle bin!

by Samaris Nuñez
Residential Life Magazine

Maddened by the Mail

I just recycled a box full of political mailers. So far, during this ‘election season,’ I’ve just been throwing them in a drawer. But it got me to thinking of what a pointless waste they are.

Not only do these mailers waste paper and create toxic runoff from the ink and shiny polish they feature, there is little indication that they actually influence anyone’s vote one way or the other!

In my case, I don’t even look at them. I couldn’t tell you what candidate was being ‘sold.’ Even if I did look at them, I make my political decisions based on researching the facts and investigating the candidate’s character – not by some mud-slinging junk mail.

Save the earth - Keep the junk mail
Save the earth – Stop the junk mail

My friend says not only is she not swayed by the mailers either, but she actually gets peeved at the candidates who are featured in the ads, sometimes so much so that she actually doesn’t vote for them. I think that might be going a bit too far, but I also didn’t get a look at the amount of spam mailers she got a few months ago.

Essentially, this is like having a pretty good first date, but then the person keeps calling and texting you, and otherwise being generally clingy. It puts you off wanting to ever see them again!

Politicians would gain more than votes if they were to all go green. Not only would it show a true commitment to the environment (instead of just pandering to the people), but it would prevent the massive upswing in trash generated every election season. Enough is enough!

by Isis Yaestorlia | Environment | Residential Life Magazine

Four Seasons

Forecasters just put out a, um, forecast about how it’s going to be a cold winter (and snowy, in some places). Thanks for the news flash! I mean, anyone knows that!

That’s what seasons are all about. It gets hot, then kinda warm (“luke-warm,” I guess), then kind of chilly (“brisk,” I think is the word), and then it gets cold. Even if you live in a warm climate, like the South or, I think Hawaii is usually warm. idk. I’ll have to look that up.

Anyways, even in those places, it’s not, like,always the same temperature, you know? That would get so boring, and I don’t even think it would be possible! I’m not a scientist (hee, hee, of course I’m not!), :-p but I’ve been through enough boring science classes to at least know that the weather changes, based on a lot of different stuff. I’m not going to get into what kind of stuff here, mostly ‘cause I’m not entirely sure of it (and I don’t want to get it all wrong and what not), and because it’s just kind of boring.

The point is, yeah, we know it’s going to be cold in the winter. It doesn’t take a genius to know that! Plus, how can they tell anything so far out?

My dad says they never know what they’re talking about, anyway. He says he brings an umbrella to work ‘cause they said it would rain, and it never does, then he doesn’t bring it the next day and it, like, pours or whatever, and all his papers and stuff get wet. He gets so mad! It’s kind of funny, but you do not want to laugh at that point. You only make that mistake once! 😉

My friend’s mom was saying how she worked at a radio station where the guy would look out the window and then say something like “It’s going to be cloudy today,” or whatever. I’m not sure if that actually happened, or if she was just joking. Or if the guy was joking with her when he did that, you know? Anyways, it’s funny to think about that happening.

So… yeah. Cold in winter. Hot in summer. Light jacket in the Fall.  We get it!! You don’t have to make some huge, national report out of it! Geez. Just let us enjoy being outside now, you know? Don’t always be looking six months down the line! It’s annoying.

That’s all for now. I kind of vented there. Sorry. It’s been a long week. :-p


by Chelsea Abrahams | Residential Life Magazine