Stand Out

Looking good does not have to break the bank. This goes for men just as much as women. The trick is to focus on an outfit centerpiece.

For women this is often jewelry, but can also be an article of clothing — whether it’s a shawl, scarf, or something else. For men, it could be a snazzy tie, dress shirt, or other eye-catching piece. Then the rest of the outfit just sort of complements that stand-out element.

Less is more

Keeping Things Fresh

The other thing to keep in mind is turnover. You should be looking at your closet at least every three months and making some changes. I’m not suggesting you go on a spending spree, but instead saying you should notice the clothes that you never wear, and either get them into the rotation, or donate them. Then replace the items bit by bit — maybe one or two articles a month.

For the most part, quality still trumps quantity. Focus on three to five looks that work for you, and then purchase outfits and accessories that fit into those looks. You’ll always have something fun and fashionable to wear, and you’ll always be in style.

by Yör Valinda
Fashion & Style Editor
Residential Life Magazine

Fade to Black

I’ve never been into black clothes. idk why. I just don’t get them, I guess. Not only does it make you look dark and depressed, but the color always fades, so you can never get two separate black things that totally match.

I mean, it’s slimming and all, which is cool, but if you wear black all the time, people start to think you’re trying to hide something, you know? Plus, it gets really hot, esp. in the summer. Who wants to be sweating all the time?

I would much rather have bright clothes that look nice and are comfortable than all black clothes ’cause I’m trying to look cool or something.


by Chelsea Abrahams 
Residential Life Magazine

Eye of the Beholder

So many girls are wearing tons of bright red lipstick these days. It’s like the new ‘in’ thing. They look like skanks.

They probably think it makes them look older, or sophisticated, or something, when it really makes it look like they let a three-year-old do their makeup in a dark room. But they keep doing it ’cause all their friends say it looks great. Girls should listen to what guys have to say. Then they’d know that they look like hookers walking around like that.

I mean, if that’s what they’re going for, have at it. I know a lot of guys who like sluts. But I get the feeling that’s not the type of person they want to portray. I know I’m gonna catch hell over this. Chelz probably already has a rant written out! But whatever. It needed to be said.

by D. Hennig
Residential Life Magazine

Check Yourself

The thing is, every time I see some girl in booty shorts, I want to just take her aside and let her know that every guy who is staring at her is only staring ’cause of gross reasons. It’s not ’cause they think she’s necessarily attractive, and they aren’t even close to thinking about if she’s nice or her personality, or whatever.

Getting It Out There

booty-shortsidk, I don’t want to be judged on the clothes I wear, so I try not to judge others, but sometimes I just feel like something has to be said, you know?

I’m not going around giving speeches to random girls I see, but the other day my friend came to school in booty shorts and was talking about how she was getting so much attention from everyone that day, and how she might make them a regular thing.

I was just honest with her and said that if she wanted to be looked as a sex object from now on and get ogled everywhere she goes, she should have at it, but otherwise there are a lot of other ways to still show off your figure and be attractive of whatever, and not make yourself out to be some skank-o.

The Truth Hurts

Now she’s all pissed. Let her be pissed! I haven’t done anything wrong! I’m not trying to be rude or mean to her, and I do want to smooth things over, but I’m not going to apologize for being right and saying what needed to be said. And what she even asked about! Geez! Some people are so weird.


by Chelsea Abrahams
Residential Life Magazine

Bringing Dandy Back

A male co-worker wore a sweater vest and tie to work today, solely because he “felt like it.” Later, I overheard two female co-workers discussing how the fellow “must be gay,” since “guys don’t just dress up like that for no reason.” As a guy who frequently ‘dresses up for no reason,’ I beg to differ.

Vincent Price
Sharp-dressed men STILL rock!

Years ago, nearly everyone was well-dressed for almost any occasion. Granted, this was due partly to the fact that there were not as many clothing options back then. Sweatpants, for instance, had not yet been invented, and t-shirts were reserved as the attire of a renegade teen, or for household cleaning and yard work.

While I certainly appreciate the wealth of wardrobe opportunities available today, I find it odd that, for many, the only time one is ‘allowed to dress up’ is for special functions: weddings, funerals, class reunions, etc.

It also appears — at least in the view of these ladies  — that only females are allowed to look sharp on ‘non-occasion’ days, and if a man dares to have his belt match his shoes, or (gasp!) actually comb his hair in the morning, well, he must certainly be a homosexual. I personally know some very well-groomed ‘straight’ men, and also some very unkempt gay men. So this theory is hogwash!

The sooner we can all get over why someone is dressed up (or dressed down), the better. In my opinion, it’s time to let personal preference be just that: personal. Let’s cease this rude and infantile ‘guesswork’ immediately!

by Yör Valinda | Fashion & Style Editor | Residential Life Magazine

This Belt Doesn’t Just Hold my Pants Up

Ever since I got a new belt, people are treating me differently. You might think it’s all in my head, but I know it’s true.

See, I used to have a ‘normal’ one-hole belt, which I suppose is the standard. Of course, I mean it only had one hole per ‘notch,’ not just one hole, total. Let me say that before anyone makes an issue out of it (I’m looking at you, Novin!).

Anyway, the other day I bought a belt that has two sets of holes all the way down. I actually got a bigger waist setting than I usually do, since I’ve put on some pounds lately. I’ll admit that.

Well, the belt is thick, and with the double holes and reinforced leather, it looks pretty intimidating! It makes me look like a dude you don’t want to mess with — like I wouldn’t think twice about snatching it off and wielding it like a weapon! I would never do that, of course, but I think people are starting to think I might!

Everyone is being so weird lately. Maybe they actually think the belt is lame. I just thought of that. But the way they glare at me is less of a “look at that jerk with the lame belt,” and more of a “you don’t want to mess with a guy who wears a belt like that.” I think it’s awesome!

My girlfriend says it looks “unprofessional.” She says I look like a “teenaged thug.” Maybe that’s the way I want to look! The belt is leather, with a gold-plated, standard sized buckle. I don’t think anyone would call that ‘unprofessional.’

No matter what anyone says, I’m keeping it. I’ve seen a change in other people since I’ve been wearing it, and I’ve even seen a change in me. There, I said it. My new belt has been a great addition to my life. I feel like I’m on top of the world now!

by Tommy R. Panagopolis | Residential Life Magazine