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You Say It’s a Biscuit

Today at lunch, one of my friends was talking about how their mom made biscuits last weekend, and this other guy kept calling them ‘muffins,’ for some reason. He may have been trying to be gross. Anyways, my friend got so mad! She was, like, “They’re biscuits, not muffins.” This guy has been on her case for a while. I guess she was just sick of it.

So then the guy started copping a really bad attitude, like it was some insult or something. He was getting all red and stuff! It was sooo funny. He was all “What’s the big deal?! What’s the difference?!” And my friend got right up in his face! I don’t even know what she was thinking today! lol

What’s in a Name?

First she said it was like Coke and Pepsi, and I guess I made a funny face or something (she told me later), so then she’s like: “It’s the difference between a hot dog and an Italian sausage.” And these boys started laughing, and one guy started making a rude gesture. He got removed from the lunchroom by the monitor. I hope he gets in trouble.

Anyways, then the other guy — the one my friend was talking to in the first place — was all: “You don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re just trying to make stuff up to make your point.” And she totally flipped out She was like: “You just don’t know how to compare things. You need to go back to second grade.” And a whole bunch of people starting laughing! It was great. The guy was pissed! He went on this whole tirade about how he doesn’t eat breakfast, or something, so he wouldn’t know what things are called. He was totally trying to dig himself out of the hole!

My friend was like: “Well, you need to listen better.” And the guy told her to shut up and walked away. He punched the soda machine on the way out. I’m pretty sure the monitor saw him, ‘cause she walked out after him. If he damaged the machine, he might have to pay for it. Or maybe his parents.

But the whole thing is that he picked on the wrong girl today! I mean, I hope he doesn’t get suspended or anything. But he needed to learn a lesson. He has a chip on his shoulder. I’m glad my friend stood up for herself and didn’t let him make a big scene. Just another day of drama! Ha! :-p


by Chelsea Abrahams
Residential Life Magazine 

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Sometimes I have Greek yogurt for lunch. With some other stuff, of course. Don’t worry! :-p But I really prefer the ‘fruit-on-the-bottom’ kind to the ‘blended’ kind. Decisions, I know! 😉


I just like to be able to control the amount of fruit I get each time, you know? I’m not some control freak, but I just like to be able to decide, instead of it being decided for me in advance. Plus, the blended kind tastes kind of weird. My friend says they put shrimp in the blended kind. So random! I don’t think that’s true, but there is def. a weird taste.

Basically, I just have to make sure that my mom buys the fruit-on-the-bottom kind. If I don’t check, she’ll get the blended (she doesn’t even look!), and nobody wants that. Such a hard life, I know! 🙂


by Chelsea Abrahams
Residential Life Magazine

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Breaking Bread

These days, I’m going “low-carb.” The other day I had a sandwich. I was outside and not near a trash can. I don’t like to waste food, and I’ve seen plenty of birds, squirrels, and other critters running around the place, so I tossed the roll into a nearby grassy area. Turns out there weren’t any takers, since the bread was in the same spot the next day. But when I went out to my car at lunch, someone had moved it right next to my car!

Ready to Rumble

This was no accident. It was definitely placed on purpose. Which means someone was watching me the other day, and now wants to start something. Bring it on! I’m more than ready. Whoever did this clearly has no idea what a little bitch I am, or how once you start something with me, I’ll fight to the bitter end.

Meet Your Maker

I can’t wait to check at lunch today. I hope the bread is by my car again. I really do. I hope whoever’s been doing this had their fun, too, ’cause that’s all about to end. Tonight, I’ll set up security cameras to catch the perp in action. And when I review the footage tomorrow, I’ll know whose ass I’m gonna beat later on. This game is over. I’m not taking any disrespect from anyone! Not today, not any day.

by Bartt Zarb
Residential Life Magazine

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Reckless Review

I just read the rudest review response I have ever seen!

Following a rather pleasant meal at a local restaurant, I thought I’d pass a good word about the place on TripAdvisor. After posting my own reviews, I usually read others just for fun. If I am preparing a trip, of course, I read those reviews first.

Kill ‘Em with Kindness

In this case, I was shocked to see a scathing management reply to a less than stellar post. Though the review itself was admittedly derogatory, the poster never used foul language or accusatory terminology. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the other side.

This person — identified simply as “management” — laid into the poster like a side of beef, drafting a nearly eight paragraph rant (replete with just about every swear word in the book), finally ending with a very thinly veiled threat. I’ve a mind to drive back to the restaurant and box that person’s ears myself!

To Each His Own

Aside from what should have been the obvious restraint from outright accosting dissatisfied customers, this worker missed the entire ideal of the website.

In my experience, management responses are seldom read. When responses are offered, however, they should be done with marketing and customer service in mind. Here is an opportunity to address — and attempt to resolve — customer grievances, while at the same time clearing up misunderstandings and/or misinformation. This outlet also provides for further promotion of the venue, restaurant, attraction, etc.

Nothing is gained by sparking a petty online war of words, especially on the side of management or employees. Instead, this childish display has cost the establishment my business for good.

by Liu Q.L.
Residential Life Magazine

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Spice Struggle

When you get takeout from a restaurant, why do they give you those little salt and pepper packets in the plastic forks, etc.? Does anyone actually use them? Most of the people I know — including myself — bring takeout home, to the office, or someplace else where it’s likely there will be salt and pepper. Also, most restaurant food is already seasoned, so what’s the point?

I’m not mad or anything, just curious. I always throw those packets away, which is a waste, I know. But the one time I started to feel bad and kept them, I had a whole box of those little packets in no time!

Maybe that’s what I’ll do from now on. I’ll just keep the packets, and not actually buy salt or pepper ever again! But I guess if everyone did that, it would turn the salt industry on its ear. Oh, well.

by Tommy R. Panagopolis
Residential Life Magazine

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Deep Thoughts

Why do I even eat corn?! It always comes out fully intact, if you get me.

Out same as in

Everyone says how good corn is for you, and it’s always part of a ‘balanced diet.’ It’s even singled out in the food pyramid! Total bunk, if you ask me. If something is not going to even be beneficial to my body, why do I waste the time to eat it, and the money to buy it?! I think I might be on the heels of a conspiracy here!

I really think I’m done with corn. I’m not going to play that game anymore. I’m just sick of it, is all.

by Tommy R. Panagopolis
Residential Life Magazine

Food and Dining

Do You Have Reservations?

I haven’t made an ‘impulse buy’ in an age, but when I saw my favorite line of cheddar cheese recently added an ‘aged reserve’ offering, I had to break down and make the purchase.

Sample the Unknown

The cheese is two ounces less than their normal variety… and nearly a dollar more. Somehow, it also seems much ‘thinner,’ most likely because it was packed into a different mold. The taste is not all that different, to be honest. But as I near the end of my first package, I am seriously contemplating buying another one at the store this weekend.

What’s in a Name?

Gettin’ cheesy wit’ it

I have to wonder, though, how words like ‘aged’ and ‘reserve’ prompt ideas of the product being somehow ‘better’ than others with very similar (and in some cases nearly exact!) qualities. Without a doubt, were the label marked ‘old’ or ‘stuff we haven’t been able to sell for a while,’ I would not give it a second look. But the fact that I am now ‘hooked’ is intriguing.

I do enjoy a fine cigar from time to time, but am never swayed by claims of ‘vintage,’ ‘reserve’ or any other sales pitch-style word they use to convince me to buy more smokes. So why this new-found fascination?

Get ‘Em While They Last

People like the thought of being able to partake in something that is not always readily available. This isn’t to suggest an air of elitism, but rather that there is something special about products that stray from the ‘norm.’

For instance, Cadbury Crème Eggs are produced every single day of the year. The earliest signs of them (typically in late February) are actually left-over candy from last year. I challenge you to locate one on the afternoon of Easter Sunday. Shortly after church services, they all ‘magically’ disappear!

So why not just sell the eggs all year ‘round, or clear out the inventory with a massive mark-down on Easter Monday (Canada)? It’s more than a money thing; it’s an issue of perception.

Different is Better

While I’m surprised at my recent obsession with this particular brand of aged cheddar, I am certainly not in the minority in this venture. Instead, I may have finally joined the masses that enjoy the ‘finer things in life,’ even if they know those things aren’t a whole lot different than the ‘everyday standard.’

by Major Santiago
Food & Dining
Residential Life Magazine