Tough Luck

Today’s so-called “gangsters” are a joke. They say they’re not afraid of anything, but in reality they’re a bunch of pussies who’ll back down in two seconds flat.

They like to flaunt their guns and money, but they always show up on screen with masked voices and bandanas covering their faces. Scaredy cats.

The same goes for ISIS — those little ass clowns. They really like to harass and murder innocent people, yet they always show up with covered faces. Show yourselves, you cowards!

And then there’s the KKK, and the list goes on. Little boys playing house, the lot of them. These “gangsters” are nothing more than lost little kids. Misfits. Deadbeats. Morons of the highest order. They should all be in prison.

Rants n’ Raves with Jon Novin
Residential Life Magazine