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Customer is Always Right?

A Florida man is in hot water, after he complained about the portions at a local seafood restaurant.

Police in Stuart say 51-year-old Nelson Agosto was unimpressed with the “extremely” small size of the clams at Crabby’s Seafood Shack. How unimpressed was he? Enough so to call 911 to complain… twice.

Cops arrested the seafood aficionado and charged him with misuse of the emergency system.


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by Danny Inc  
News Editor
Residential Life Magazine

Health and Wellness

True Confessions

Like many folks, I’ve struggled with my weight for years, seemingly gaining and losing the same pounds every year. But when I made a commitment to long-term health — not just the mandatory New Year’s resolution — I immediately began to see results.

I’m glad to report that I’m finally nearing my goal weight. I’m sorry to report, however, that this is the fifth time I’ve done so. But they say the fifth time’s the charm, so… 🙂

Joking aside, as recently as last summer, I was tipping the scales in the upper 200s. Prior to that (in college) my heaviest had been 180. I still have a photo where I was wearing an XXL sweater… and still not hiding my belly! So you can imagine how I felt with several dozen extra pounds. That’s like carrying around a third grader… constantly! But people can only change when they’re ready.


“Glory” Days

Moving to another location has actually helped me position myself in a better place for committed wellness. I don’t suggest moving is a requirement to weight loss, and my environment was surely not completely to blame for me packing on the pounds. But there is something to be said for the many places I had to pass before reaching my old place:

  • Burger King
  • Wendy’s
  • Taco Bell
  • KFC
  • a pizza joint
  • a BBQ joint
  • an ice cream shop
  • Dunkin’ Donuts and
  • Captain D’s seafood

The latter being where they knew me by name, and the cook was already preparing my double order of fried clams, French fries, coleslaw and two hush puppies before I even got to the counter, while the waitress had filled a bag with my two pieces of cheesecake, two slices of Oreo crème pie, banana caramel treats and two large Cokes by the time I was close enough to say ‘hi.’ I wish this was an exaggeration. I really do.

I will spare you most of the sordid details, only to admit that I got quite sick that first night (bet you saw that coming!). As I looked up — red-eyed — into the mirror, I gave the reflected man the finger and promised myself I’d never do it again. The next week, I did.

These days, I pass only one shop (gas station/convenience store) on my way home, and my thrifty side now overrides my stomach — refusing to pay $4 for a bag of chips.

I’m not saying I’m a health nut. There’s a bluegrass show this weekend, and you’d better believe I’ll be hitting the ribs! But I’ll ‘hit’ one small plate, not six heaping piles.

To Thine Own Self be True

Now I’m on a soapbox (at least it’s not an empty box of Eskimo pies!), but suffice it to say that no matter what your current environment, work schedule or other factors, there is always time to take care of your health.

No matter where you are in your wellness routine — whether you’re 10 or 100 pounds overweight — you can do it. Yes, you can.

You just need to believe in yourself and take the necessary steps to return to the fit you inside. I wish you all the best, and send my full support for your endeavors!

by Raul Lisneski
Health & Fitness Editor
Residential Life Magazine