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You Say It’s a Biscuit

Today at lunch, one of my friends was talking about how their mom made biscuits last weekend, and this other guy kept calling them ‘muffins,’ for some reason. He may have been trying to be gross. Anyways, my friend got so mad! She was, like, “They’re biscuits, not muffins.” This guy has been on her case for a while. I guess she was just sick of it.

So then the guy started copping a really bad attitude, like it was some insult or something. He was getting all red and stuff! It was sooo funny. He was all “What’s the big deal?! What’s the difference?!” And my friend got right up in his face! I don’t even know what she was thinking today! lol

What’s in a Name?

First she said it was like Coke and Pepsi, and I guess I made a funny face or something (she told me later), so then she’s like: “It’s the difference between a hot dog and an Italian sausage.” And these boys started laughing, and one guy started making a rude gesture. He got removed from the lunchroom by the monitor. I hope he gets in trouble.

Anyways, then the other guy — the one my friend was talking to in the first place — was all: “You don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re just trying to make stuff up to make your point.” And she totally flipped out She was like: “You just don’t know how to compare things. You need to go back to second grade.” And a whole bunch of people starting laughing! It was great. The guy was pissed! He went on this whole tirade about how he doesn’t eat breakfast, or something, so he wouldn’t know what things are called. He was totally trying to dig himself out of the hole!

My friend was like: “Well, you need to listen better.” And the guy told her to shut up and walked away. He punched the soda machine on the way out. I’m pretty sure the monitor saw him, ‘cause she walked out after him. If he damaged the machine, he might have to pay for it. Or maybe his parents.

But the whole thing is that he picked on the wrong girl today! I mean, I hope he doesn’t get suspended or anything. But he needed to learn a lesson. He has a chip on his shoulder. I’m glad my friend stood up for herself and didn’t let him make a big scene. Just another day of drama! Ha! :-p


by Chelsea Abrahams
Residential Life Magazine