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Ramen Fever

Someone’s about to nosh hard.

Deputies in Fayetteville, Georgia say some hungry suspect there stole a trailer containing $98,000 worth of Ramen noodles. That’s roughly 300,000 individual packs.

It’s yet unclear how the suspect was able to steal the truck undetected.


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Work and Occupation

Breakroom Follies

There’s a girl at work who always stands right in front of the microwave where her food is cooking. She does it every day! She also eats from a container while she waits for what I suppose is her “main meal.” It is very interesting.

A little bit later, some guy comes in, puts a package of those instant noodles into the microwave, and then goes into the bathroom for, like, ten minutes. His stuff is always done well before he gets out. He just lets it sit there! Then he walks in and checks on it before taking it out, like someone might have done something to it while he was away!

I just don’t get people sometimes. No one’s going to steal your food! No one should do it, anyway, but the least likely time someone would do it is when it’s cooking!

I’m not going to talk about everyone I work with, ‘cause that’s not the point. I also know that I must do some weird things in the break room. I just think it’s funny is all.

Another group of people always congregate by the fridge, but they don’t say one word to each other! So strange! They are all just standing there, and then someone will go into the fridge and get their stuff. Everyone else just stares at them!

The same thing happens at the coffee maker. We have one of those stand-up machines that can make basically any kind of hot drink you could imagine. The only drawback is that it takes a long time, ‘cause it has to figure out what you want, brew it, and all that other stuff.

I guess it uses different filters to avoid ‘cross-contamination,’ or what have you. I was asking a lot of questions from the guy who came to fix it, before he told me he had to “concentrate.” So I left him alone!

The whole point of this is that, if you’re going to be in the break room when other people are there, at least say ‘hello.’ You don’t have to be best friends with anyone there, but you also don’t have to be rude.

And if you don’t want to talk to anyone, do your stuff earlier, or later! Don’t punish everyone else with your attitude! We all have to share the break room. Let’s not make it become some huge issue here.

by Tommy R. Panagopolis Residential Life Magazine