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Next Day Shipping and Mishandling

Oh yeah, I feel a rant brewing. I mean how is it that things I purchased with free shipping tend to get here in a few days (barring purchases from Communist countries), but shipments I pay through the ear for take longer?

Neither Rain Nor Sleet

I mean if I pay your ass to send me something and am told to expect it between the 20th and 25th, I’m going to be grumpy when:

a) It’s the 27th going on 28th and there is no sign of my stuff

b) It’s something I need to finish a large home network project

c) It’s a replacement for something we’ve been renting, which I have a set amount of time to return

d) It was purchased from a large Internet marketplace (that is not eBay)

e) The tracking number provided doesn’t show where the package is, only that it was shipped days ago

f) The store I bought it from is not returning my harassments… uh… messages, and

g) I’m itching to complain about something because I don’t feel well

That’s A-G’s worth of actual complaints, so it’s no laughing matter.

Couldn’t care less

Special Delivery

I mean I pay taxes and make sure that my mailman is greeted with a mailbox full of cookies every Christmas. And we’re talking homemade cookies, not that dollar store stuff (I am not discounting the importance of cheap cookies here). So I’m wondering where my stuff is.

Did UPS or FedEx pick it up from the post office and decide to sit on it? Was it destroyed by our jerk post master? Was it stolen by Somali pirates making thier way up the Connecticut River? Are there aliens involved? Someone needs to get kicked in the junk for this, and I can’t even kick anyone right now. Bastards!

Which reminds me, all good British mysteries have a scene where a character is standing by himself screaming: “Bastards! You bastards!” and I think it’s something that we need more of here in the States. I already did this when I saw FedEx go by without stopping.

by Hamous from Guatemala
Residential Life Magazine